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Advisory Board

Dr. Peter Lightfoot

Dr. Lightfoot, who in the summer of 2016 published the first comprehensive textbook on the ore deposits of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, enjoyed a distinguished 20-year career as a geologist with Inco and Vale beginning in 1996. He was initially responsible for exploration at Voisey’s Bay before being appointed Chief Geologist responsible for technical aspects of exploration programs at Voisey’s Bay, Sudbury and Thompson. He received his B.A. in Earth Sciences from Oxford in 1980, his M.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto in 1982, and his Ph.D from the Open University (U.K.) in 1985. Following post-doctoral studies at the University of Toronto, he began a 10-year career with the Ontario Geological Survey in 1987 and worked extensively on the geology and geochemistry of Sudbury and Noril’sk before joining Inco in 1986. He is now an independent consultant to the minerals industry through his company, Lightfoot Geoscience Inc.

Mr. Alain Charest

Mr. Charest is a professional geologist who completed his geological engineering studies at the University of British Columbia in 1993. Mr. Charest has over 25 years experience in mineral exploration throughout the America’s, primarily in Mexico, where, in 1995, he discovered the world-class El Sauzal gold deposit while working as exploration manager for Francisco Gold Corp. Mr. Charest was also involved in the discovery of the 5 Million ounce (gold equivalent) Marlin deposit in Guatemala at the end of 2000. Following Francisco Gold and El Sauzal being acquired by Glamis Gold Ltd., Mr. Charest was appointed Vice President of Exploration for Chesapeake Gold Corp. (“Chesapeake”) where he served until early 2008. On leaving Chesapeake, Mr. Charest became a self-employed geological consultant and is now operating his own company, Arcelia Gold Corp., a new, junior mineral exploration company based in Durango, Durango, Mexico.

Rafael Hinojosa

Mr. Hinojosa joined Garibaldi Resources in 2007. He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, México. He is a corporate administrator with experience in management and development of start-up companies in México, his native country. Mr. Hinojosa is responsible for overseeing all exploration activities undertaken by Garibaldi’s projects in the Sierra Madre region of México.

Dr. Joseph A. Zamudio

Dr. Zamudio holds a Ph. D. in Geology/Remote Sensing from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is a recognized and published expert in the highly specialized field of hyperspectral analysis. Dr. Zamudio is the founder of Applied Spectral Imaging, Boulder, Colorado. Dr Zamudio teaches workshops sponsored by ITT VIS (a subsidiary of ITT International) in the use of ENVI, the pre-eminent hyperspectral data processing software program, and is a consultant to private industry and government agencies.

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